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Understanding Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are an essential part of any golfer’s arsenal. There’s so many of them out there that learning what makes each of them different will probably make someone’s head spin. Understanding how they work is important for those who might want to try them out.

These clubs aren’t as simple as many believe them to be. A lot of technology actually goes into designing and producing these clubs. In fact, some would even argue that the science that goes into designing clubs is somewhat derived from rocket science.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to make things easier to understand. There are just a few simple things a person needs to understand about golf clubs.

There are different kinds of clubs

The large variety of different clubs is what makes understanding them difficult. It’s one of those things that beginners need to acquaint themselves with. Each type of golf club has its own design elements that can have a huge impact, no pun intended, on how the golf ball flies, or rolls, when struck.

GolfWood, iron, putter, wedge, hybrid and putter are just some of the common clubs that people will see on the green. Understanding each and every one of them is important to any golfer’s game. It won’t take too long for people to understand what each of them is for.

It’s important to know each club’s purpose since golfers’ scores depend on their swing and the golf clubs that they use to whack the ball.

There are also different golf terms that are associated with the clubs. Learning them well also helps in understanding how things work. Take for example the word loft; loft is a term that describes the angle between the vertical plane and the face of the club.

The different parts of a club

Clubs have different parts. Learning the different parts goes a long way in understanding how clubs work. When golf equipment manufacturers advertise their clubs, most of them talk about the fine details of their club’s construction.

Golf EquipmentThe shaft is the longest part of the golf club. It’s where the head is attached to and is the part of the club that the golfer holds onto. A club’s shaft can be measured in several ways. Appreciating how certain variables in the shaft’s construction can affect golf trajectory and stroke is important. Other important parts of the club are the grip, head, hosel, and ferrule.

Understanding the different parts of golf clubs is crucial to anyone who wants to take the game seriously. Here www.rockbottomgolf.com, we can provide the different part of Golf Clubs.

What they’re made from

During the early days of golf, clubs were made from different kinds of woods. Golfers used to play the game with all sorts of clubs made from different materials. Some were made from woods like lemon wood, purple heart, ash, and lance wood just to name a few. Hickory was one of the strongest clubs to be made out of wood, but still had the tendency to break when swung with enough force.

Golf clubsEventually, the game of golf became more and more popular. As the demand for better clubs became higher, more and more people began to rethink what they saw as a good club. Golf equipment manufacturers later on decided that they should start to replace wood with metals.

People began to use clubs that were made out of steel or titanium. Manufacturers began to invest more and more time, effort and resources to the development of their clubs. This arms race has not stopped. Today’s clubs are some of the most exotic to have ever been made. Some of these golf clubs are made out of exotic materials such as carbon fiber.