Why Should You Pawn When You are in Need of Instant Cash

History has it that the practice of pawn broking has existed even before loan companies were established.  The need for instant cash, it appears, has transcended time.  People seem to always have the need for money for emergencies.  This is the main reason why pawnshops never go out of style.

Among the top benefits of pawning that makes it very popular until the present are: ease of processing loans, instant availability of cash, low interest rates, dependability of service, and pleasant customer relations.

Ease of Processing

PawnWhen an emergency situation arises and a big amount of money is needed immediately, one of the easiest ways of procuring money is by going to the pawn shop. Many people can attest that it is hassle free indeed.  You simply have to walk into a pawnshop with your jewelry, watch, or gold and ask the staff to appraise your item. When you agree on the appraisal amount, then you can sign an agreement form and receive your much needed money in just a few minutes.

In contrast, when you go to loan companies and banks, they usually let you sign a number of documents and require you to wait for the results of certain procedures such as credit checks and assessments of your financial capacity to pay.  When you go to pawnshops, you only have to bring a valid proof of identification and the item you want to pawn.

Instant Cash

You can get the money for your pawned items in cash or you can arrange for it to be transferred to your bank account as soon as you agree to the appraised value or the loan amount.

With such quick means of getting cash, pawning is definitely the option for you if you have unexpected emergency expenses.  What’s more, you can turn to these pawnshops even when the other financial institutions are already closed for the day.

Manageable Interest Rates

The interest rates or finance charges that are imposed on the loaned amount can vary depending on the pawnshop’s location.  There are caps mandated by state regulations.  This notwithstanding, most pawnshop rates are more manageable than having to pay for the consequences of unpaid utility bills or of having an unfunded check bounce.

In most instances, the fees and charges could depend on the length of the contract or the stipulated repayment period so you can actually manage the amount you pay by paying off your loan earlier than the end of your contract.


pawn shopPawnshops are dependable and can be relied on to keep your valuables secure.  You can have peace of mind that the valuables you used as your loan collateral will not be damaged while they are in the pawnshop’s custody.  Find a pawnshop that does not put your account on default immediately.

There are shops that give you a chance to extend the term of your loan if you still do not have enough money to claim your valuables back.  You simply have to repay the interest and then renew the term of your loan.  You do, however, need to go back to the pawnshop before the end of your contract to let them know that you intend to do that.

Pleasant Customer Relations

When you walk into a pawnshop, you will usually be greeted by friendly staff who will attend to your needs.  These people understand that you might be distraught or under pressure because of your urgent financial need.  They will not give you a hard time nor cast judgment on you.  They will also assure you that the transaction will remain confidential and that the pawned item will remain safe in their premises.


There are surely a number of pawnshops in your locality if you are ever in need of immediate cash.  Remember to go to the most reputable ones to avoid shady deals.  You can do research online to find out which ones are most recommended by those in your area.

It also pays to be prepared ahead of time by knowing where you can go to pawn your items should you need to do so for some emergency.  Don’t be caught clueless when you have a cash emergency.  Have a ready major pawn plan that you can kick into action when your need arises.

An emergency situation arises and a big amount of money is needed immediately, one of the easiest ways of procuring money is by going to the pawn shop. NYC Major Pawn Shop offers low, competitive rates on Pawn Loan as well as very flexible repayment terms.