ChallengeCoins4Less : The History Of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small coins or medallions that bear the emblem or insignia of an organization, and are proudly carried by its members. Typically, challenge coins are about 1/10-inch thick and have a diameter of around 1.5-2 inches. These coins come in a variety of styles, sizes and shapes and are commonly made of nickel, copper or pewter with different types of finishes.

Challenge CoinAt ChallengeCoins4Less, we have taken custom challenge coins to a whole new level. Here you’ll find a great collection of coins in virtually all shapes and sizes, with additional options such as diamond cut edges, engraved texts, epoxy coating, 3D designs and more. Antiquing effects and duo-tone metals can be added, too! We are a proud supplier of top quality custom coins to all branches of the Armed Forces, police departments, fire departments and businesses across the country. We are as dedicated to excellence as your institution is.

The Origin

While it is widely believed that challenge coins began as a military tradition, where and why that tradition was started is still not definitively known. One early known example of a volunteered soldier being remunerated for valor occurred in Ancient Rome. When soldiers do well in the battlefield during that time, they would get their regular day’s compensation and a separate coin as an added reward. Other records suggest that the coins were specially stamped with a mark of the group from whence they came, encouraging the men to hold onto their coins as a keepsake instead of spending them on liquor and women.

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Today, coins are still used to reward individuals for their outstanding performance of duty, be it in the military or beyond. Some coins are given to civilians as a fundraising tool or a way to publicize their brand. With this rapid progression comes a more challenging coin requirement. To make sure you get the custom coins that meet your specifications, we at ChallengeCoins4Less make the coins available in a wide array of options. Whatever your requirements are, we can all handle it.

The Challenge

The tradition of a coin challenge is the most common technique to ensure that each unit member is carrying his coin. The rules of the challenge aren’t always formalized for a certain unit, and may vary from one organization to another. The challenge is only applicable to those members who have been formally given a coin by their unit and is not forced upon those who have not. The coin challenge is designed to boost the morale of unit members and forcing it can bring about a reverse impact. The act of challenging is known as the “Coin Check” and is announced loudly enough to get everyone’s attention.

custom military coinsThe coin challenge starts with the challenger drawing out his coin and slamming it down on the bar. Everyone to whom the challenge applies must immediately present his coin and anyone who is unable to do so would have to buy the entire group a round of drinks.

Traditionally, the rules of the challenge prohibit the defacement of the coin, especially if doing so makes it easier for the holder to carry it at all times. If the coin is fastened to a key ring, belt buckle or a lanyard, it is no longer eligible for the challenge. A safe way to carry the coin is by placing it in a pouch that is worn around the owner’s neck.

Beyond the Military

Besides using coins for a challenge within a military unit, they are also being used by many other organizations for different purposes. Today, it is common to see members of the police and fire departments carrying their coins as a way of representing their unit in a professional manner. Civic organizations, including Boy Scouts and the Lions Club have their own coins as well. Indeed, challenge coins have become a highly collectible way to show your dedication to service anytime, anywhere.

Challenge Coins from ChallengeCoins4Less

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